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The hinged Casement door frames of SIMTA ASTRIX can open both ways. These uPVC Casement doors can withstand up to 75 dB sound, so they are perfect for use in industrial as well as housing, and corporate sectors.

The excellent soundproofing especially prevents noise seepage during wind disturbances caused along with coastal areas and in high rises.

The EUro grooving along the hardware makes tampering almost impossible thus providing absolute safety against theft and burglary. 

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Why uPVC. over wooden

Solid, Secure
& Safe

The core of galvanised steel makes uPVC sturdier and secure than wood. With its robust structure, you can be worry-free.

Heat & Fire

uPVC is a flame-retardant material which means it does not promote any fire or encourage fire development.


uPVC windows are resilient to weather changes; they are immune to corroding and retain their physical properties for long.


Our uPVC doors and windows are termite resistant and prevent any other material degradation.

High Quality

Our uPVC laminates are exported from Europe for the best quality and aesthetic appeal to give you a high-quality finish.

Multiple designs
to select from

We have a wide variety of economic and premium doors, windows and profiles to choose from for your home requirements.


The minimum life span of our uPVC windows is 40 years as they are crafted with 100% recyclable raw materials.

& Durable

uPVC is much more durable than wood and also resistant to extreme physical conditions for long life.

Casement. Section Details

AS040120 -
Sliding Frame
2 Track

AS050120 -
Sliding Frame
2.5 Track

AS060120 -
Sliding Frame
3 Track

AS150120 -
Sliding Frame
2 Track

AS160120 -
Sliding Frame
2.5 Track

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