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Our doors are an excellent amalgamation of form and durability. We make our products in adherence to European quality standards for giving you the best quality possible. Our doors can prevent harsh weather conditions, dust and provide thermal insulation, sound insulation and energy efficiency.

We have made doors for all your current requirements with stylish designs and models. We make products with consistent efforts and thrive on making constant advancements in our manufacturing process

Easy & Safe

Safety is one of the essential factors in building anything; uPVC windows are robust and reliable in construction. They come with a multi-locking system to ensure the protection is maintained. Our windows also have galvanised steel reinforcements which provide maximum security from burglars or breaking in. to enhance your safety; you can also install toughened glass or laminated glass.

Well Insulated

Thermal insulation is one of the most talked-about features of uPVC windows. The windows help in radiating back the UV rays and prevent absorption of heat, which helps maintain the optimal temperature of your home. In addition, our windows help heat absorption in summers and heat loss in winters, saving heavily on your electricity bill.

Aesthetically pleasing

uPVC windows come in various shapes and sizes with many design variants to give an aesthetically pleasing look to your homes. In addition, the windows provide a contemporary touch to your homes along with durability.

Environmentally Sustainable

The minimum life span of our uPVC windows is 40 years, as they are crafted with 100% recyclable raw materials. uPVC is a non-toxic element that can be used in the long term and recycled for further usage. As a result, they leave less carbon footprint and help in conserving the environment.

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Steel Reinforcement

The steel used is the backbone of the windows or door. Galvanised steel is used for better durability, and the bigger the steel chamber is, the stability increases.

Glazing System

Glazing can be single, double or triple, which means the number of panes—a higher number of glazing results in greater energy efficiency. Double and triple glazing systems have spaces between them filled with argon gas for insulation.

Multi Chambered

The multi-chambered windows provide better strength and the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, it helps in improving thermal insulation and the safety of windows for an energy-efficient home.

Wide color options

We offer a wide range of colours, from contemporary to traditional wooden finishes. We provide you with colours best suited for you. Our laminates are imported from Europe to give you the best quality with class.

Weather Seal

Weather seals are made up of ethylene propylene which ensures tight sealing and enhance tight packaging. They help prevent noise, insect invasion and moisture with their weathering and resistant properties.

Glass of your choice

Our windows and profiles are compatible with numerous glass types; you can always choose a glass type according to your need. Float, tempered, insulated, you can choose whichever suits you the best.

Multipoint Locking

Our profiles have multi-locking, which holds the windows firmly to ensure higher security. Moreover, it helps prevent noise, air and water leakage from preventing the windows from any extreme condition.

Friction Stay

It is the connecting mechanism between the sash and outer frame of the window which enables the opening of a window to a particular angle. Again, non-corrosive raw materials are used for easy movement and durability.


We offer a gamut of doors and windows accessories to make your system efficient. Made with high quality, we ensure we deliver you the best quality.

Water Drain Holes

It is presented in the shutter and outer frame of the windows to prevent any water spillage inside with the help of separate drainage chambers. The slope is also designed to ensure the water is not clogged.

Energy. Efficient

with superior thermal, acoustic & safty properties

Heat loss in normal window

uPVC window with no heat loss

At SIMTA Astrix, we understand the need for conserving energy high-performance of doors and windows. Our uPVC products are ideal for saving your energy consumption by reducing the energy bills by 7%-15%. We have built products to keep your energy consumption to deal with the increasing electricity expenses. Our windows and doors are greener and promote sustainability. Make smart choices for a better future with energy-efficient doors and windows.

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