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Simta’s ABS Doors

Simta Astrix manufactures ABS Pre-hung doors anchored with high-quality honeycomb and tubular infills as the main core filling material supported by oxidised PVC bar and laminated venner lumber, which is 100% waterproof and overcomes replacement for wooden doors. honeycomb layer insertion strengthens the hardness and helps in good sound insulation.

ABS doors, primarily designed for interior spaces, are lightweight, easy to install and maintenance-free. Various designs are available through the vacuum foaming of ABS resin. The foaming of PVC and LVL materials provides easy finishing and bending prevention functions, offering effective solutions to common door challenges.

ABS Door Range

Vision Panel Door

Plain Door

Grooved Door

Full Vision Panel

E Strip

Security Grilled Door

Vertical Strip Door

Double Door

ABS Door Features




Termite Resistant

image which depicts the Maintenance free of the Simta Astrix's windows and doors

Easy Maintenance

Sound Proof

Energy Efficient

Aesthetically Pleasing

Global Certifications

Korean Technology - ABS Doors Infill

Honeycomb Infill

Offers durable strength with less weight, and improved energy efficiency with insulation air pockets.

Vertically Extruded Tubular Infill

Arch type construction provides added strength for impacts, lasting stability and quieter interiors with effective sound dampening.

Benefits of ABS Over Wooden Door



ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, a durable and lightweight material used in these doors.

Yes, ABS doors are suitable for bedroom applications due to their durability and low maintenance.

Yes, Simta Astrix ABS doors are low-maintenance and easy to clean.

Yes, ABS doors are termite-resistant, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Yes, ABS doors are ideal for bathrooms, featuring 100% water resistance, durability and affordability. Their smooth surface ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

ABS doors in India offer water and termite resistance, durability, affordability and easy maintenance, making them ideal for various spaces.

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