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uPVC Casement
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Simta Astrix uPVC
Casement Windows

Also called crank windows, uPVC casement windows offered by Simta Astrix are ideal for tall & narrow window spaces. Our windows are perfect for casement window design applications and come with uPVC window details like double casement windows options for wider openings.

uPVC openable windows with a casement design offer robust synthetic sealing to combat the harsh tropical Indian weather conditions effectively. They are designed to be uPVC windows with grill and mesh options, providing excellent ventilation while keeping insects at bay.

What sets them apart is their improved corner strength, which enhances the tightness and stability of the window frame. Additionally, they feature an inner glaze lining that adds an extra layer of protection and insulation, making them a durable and energy-efficient choice for your home or space.

Simta Astrix uPVC Casement Doors

Simta Astrix presents a range of uPVC casement doors with versatile hinged frames that open in both directions. These uPVC openable doors offer flexibility and convenience, making them ideal for various applications, from industrial to residential and corporate settings. Their ability to withstand sound levels of up to 75 dB ensures they are perfectly suited for use in areas with high noise levels.

Simta Astrix uPVC casement doors offer outstanding soundproofing, preventing noise seepage, especially in regions prone to wind disturbances like coastal areas and high rises. Whether you’re looking for a casement door, Rosandan, or casement door uPVC solution, these doors provide the perfect combination of soundproofing and security.

The Euro grooving along the hardware makes tampering nearly impossible, ensuring absolute safety against theft and burglary. Elevate your space with Simta Astrix’s uPVC casement doors, offering versatility, noise reduction and enhanced security.

Product Range

Casement Open System

Casement Combination System

Casement Top Hung System

Applications of uPVC Casement Windows and Doors

Why Choose uPVC Over Wood?

Weather Resistant

Thermal Stability

Sound Proof

Fire Resistant

image which depicts the Maintenance free of the Simta Astrix's windows and doors

Maintenance Free


Bugs Free

Energy Efficient

Sliding vs Casement

Find Your Perfect Window Style!

uPVC Sliding Windows and Doors
uPVC Casement Windows and Doors

Opening Style

Horizontal sliding motion

Vertical swinging motion

Space Efficiency

Excellent for limited space, no outward swing


Requires space for outward swing, which may be restrictive


Limited ventilation, one side open at a time

Excellent ventilation can fully open for airflow


Modern and sleek design

Classic and timeless appearance



Easy to maintain with fewer moving parts

Regular checks on hinges and seals may be needed

Energy Efficiency

May require additional insulation for efficiency

Can provide a tight seal when closed, energy-efficient


Can be equipped with secure locking systems

Multi-point locking systems can enhance security


Generally more cost-effective

Costs may vary based on materials and features

Suitability for Large Openings

Ideal for wider openings, customizable

Suitable for various sizes but may have limitations



Choosing between sliding and uPVC casement windows depends on your needs and preferences. To explore detailed comparisons, advantages, and considerations for each type, click here.

Modern, outward-opening, durable uPVC designs offer energy efficiency, noise reduction, and stylish aesthetics.

Ranges from 60mm to 70mm, varying based on design and insulation requirements.

uPVC casement windows, also known as crank windows, are a versatile, weather-resistant design for tall, narrow spaces.

uPVC casement windows from SIMTA ASTRIX stand out due to their enhanced corner strength, improved insulation and effective ventilation options.

uPVC casement windows outshine traditional wooden windows with weather resistance, energy efficiency, soundproofing, encasement window option, low maintenance, and European standards compliance.

uPVC casement windows are fire- and pollution-resistant, with mosquito mesh for insect control. They also help conserve energy & reduce outside noise, creating a more comfortable living environment.

uPVC casement windows are fire- and pollution-resistant, with mosquito mesh for insect control. They also help conserve energy & reduce outside noise, creating a more comfortable living environment.

You can enhance your space with Simta Astrix's premium uPVC casement windows. For more information, Contact Us.

uPVC casement windows from SIMTA ASTRIX feature advanced locking systems and robust construction, offering improved security for your home or space.

A casement door is a type of door that is hinged at the side and typically opens outward or inward. It differs from other door types like sliding doors or folding doors.

"Rosandan" is a term often associated with casement doors. It signifies a specific design or feature related to the casement door's operation and hardware.

Casement door uPVC offers excellent insulation, durability, and energy efficiency. It is an ideal choice for creating airtight and weather-resistant door solutions.

A uPVC openable door offers superior energy efficiency, as it is designed to create a tight seal when closed, reducing heat loss and providing better insulation.

Yes, casement doors are versatile and can be used in residential and commercial settings. They provide security, ventilation, and aesthetic appeal.

Yes, casement doors can be customised in size, style, and hardware to align with your unique design and functionality requirements.

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