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Our Premium uPVC Windows and Doors

Simta Astrix uPVC windows and doors are more than just frames. They’re designed to look good and keep your home comfortable. They’re great at keeping the noise out and the temperature just right. People love them because they save energy and money on bills. You can pick from different styles to fit your home.

We craft them according to strict European quality standards to guarantee top-notch quality. Our windows and doors can handle tough weather conditions, resist dust and provide excellent thermal insulation, soundproofing and energy efficiency. They require minimal maintenance, saving you money. Our high-quality standards ensure precise installation for both aesthetic appeal and durability.

uPVC Windows and Doors Features


Fire Resistant

Moisture Resistant

Termite Resistant

image which depicts the Maintenance free of the Simta Astrix's windows and doors

Easy Maintenance

Sound Proof

Energy Efficient

Aesthetically Pleasing

Global Certifications

Closer View of uPVC Profile Features

Steel Reinforcement


Steel Reinforcement

The robust strength of steel lies at the core of our uPVC windows and doors. The steel we use forms the backbone, ensuring durability and structural integrity. The steel frame is zoomed and highlighted in the image, providing a clear visual representation of the strength and reliability embedded in every aspect of our products. Experience peace of mind with the unparalleled resilience and security delivered by our steel-reinforced uPVC windows and doors.

Glazing System

Our versatile glazing system offers single, double, and triple options, with glass thickness ranging from 4mm to 22mm. Elevate your experience with enhanced waterproof and soundproof properties. For double and triple glazing, a sealed airspace ensures optimal insulation. Explore the range at its finest, where precision meets performance in every pane. Upgrade to our glazing system and discover a new standard of excellence for your spaces.

Glazing System





Experience unparalleled strength with our multi-chambered windows, exemplified by the profile image displaying three highlighted chambers for enhanced durability. Our innovative design ensures superior strength and elevates energy efficiency, acoustic performance, and thermal insulation. Upgrade your living spaces with windows that promise lasting quality, comfort, and a visually highlighted commitment to excellence.

Colour Variety

Explore various colour options, spanning sophisticated pyrite gold to classic wooden finishes. Our German-imported laminates bring style to your windows and doors and assure durability with a 20 years warranty. Witness the array of possibilities with our showcased images, showcasing the diverse colour choices available. Choose confidently, knowing your selection is backed by quality craftsmanship and lasting vibrancy.

Colour Variety


Weather Seals

Simta Astrix images (6)

Weather Seals

Our weather seals, crafted from ethylene propylene, are designed to create a robust barrier against external elements. These seals offer a tight and effective closure, preventing noise, insects, and moisture intrusion. Enhance the comfort of your space with our weather seals, ensuring a quiet, pest-free, and dry environment for optimal living conditions.

Multipoint Locking

Experience heightened security and peace of mind with our uPVC profiles featuring multipoint locking mechanisms. Our innovative design ensures windows are robustly secure and resistant to external elements such as noise, air, and water, maintaining a tranquil and comfortable living environment. Elevate your space with windows prioritising safety and efficiency, reflecting our commitment to quality and advanced technology.

Multipoint Locking

Simta Astrix image

Friction Stay


Friction Stay

The Friction Stay mechanism serves as a crucial link between the window sash and frame, ensuring precision in window opening. Our design prioritizes durability and smooth operation. This innovative solution enhances the overall functionality of windows, providing long-lasting performance while maintaining a sleek and reliable operation. Enjoy the benefits of a well-engineered system that stands the test of time, promising enduring quality and efficient use.

Water Drain Holes

Our water drain holes are strategically positioned in both the shutter and frame to effectively deter water entry while ensuring seamless drainage, minimizing the risk of clogs. Thoughtfully designed, these features contribute to your windows and doors’ longevity and optimal performance, guaranteeing a durable and reliable solution that matches the elements. Trust our craftsmanship to safeguard your home against water-related issues with precision and efficiency.

Water Drain Holes

Simta-astrix-profile-Drain-Hole-01 (1)

Soundproof uPVC
Windows and Doors

Experience peace and security with Simta Astrix windows and doors systems. Specifically designed to minimise sound ingress and egress from your home, they also enhance security. These windows are perfect for today’s busy lifestyles or for seeking tranquillity.

Simta Astrix uPVC windows and doors are engineered for sound reduction. They prevent sound infiltration with multi-chambered profiles, fusion-welded joints, a multipoint locking mechanism, and dual compression gaskets. Simta Astrix uPVC window and door systems, can reduce noise levels by upto 40dB when paired with appropriate glazing and hardware.


Simta Astrix uPVC windows are designed for both aesthetics and functionality. They provide sound insulation and energy efficiency and come in various styles to suit your home.

Our uPVC windows are built to last with a 20-year warranty. They are resistant to rot, rust, and fading, requiring minimal maintenance to keep them looking good.

We adhere to strict quality standards to ensure precision in dimensions, consistent colour, aesthetic appeal, and more for our uPVC windows.

Simta Astrix uPVC windows are designed for both aesthetics and functionality. They provide sound insulation and energy efficiency and come in various styles to suit your home.

Our uPVC windows are engineered for energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption by 7%-15%. They are also environment friendly, promoting sustainability for a greener future.

Yes, Simta Astrix uPVC windows are designed to withstand diverse climatic conditions.

uPVC sliding doors with mesh offer enhanced ventilation while keeping insects out. They provide a perfect combination of functionality and comfort.

Yes, we provide a range of mesh door models designed to complement, ensuring insect-free living spaces.

We offer mesh doors for the main doors, providing security, ventilation, and protection against insects.

Absolutely! We offer mesh solutions for doors and windows, ensuring a bug-free and comfortable living environment.

Yes, we offer uPVC windows with grill and mesh features, combining security, aesthetics, and insect protection in one.

Certainly! Simta Astrix specializes in tailored solutions. Our team can customize uPVC doors to meet any specific architectural requirements.

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