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Setting the Standard Since 1991

Inception and Textile Industry Dominance

In 1991, Simta began supplying cutting-edge machines and tools to the textile industry, eventually establishing a monopoly through a pivotal partnership with Jacobi. Thanks to our collaboration with Jacobi for high-quality machine automation technology, Simta Group is renowned for green innovation across various industries. We’ve significantly reduced carbon footprints, especially in textiles and construction.

Simta’s uPVC Venture

In 2013, we diversified into eco-friendly wooden windows and doors solutions by launching Simta Astrix. This move empowered fabricators, nurtured entrepreneurs, and upheld our commitment to a greener future. Through partnerships with DuPont, Baerlocher, and Arkema, Simta Astrix became a global leader in sustainable uPVC casings and frames for windows and doors, setting industry standards.

From 2013 to Today

Our uPVC profile manufacturing journey began in 2013 at 1000 TPA. By 2015, it grew to 3600 TPA and in 2017, soared to 5400 TPA. We expanded further with a modern lamination facility and four extruder lines, reaching a remarkable 18,000 TPA. Now as India’s largest uPVC profile manufacturer in the country, we’re poised for even greater growth.

India's Premier uPVC
Windows and Doors Manufacturer

Today, Simta is India’s largest manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors. Our commitment to quality, innovation and outstanding customer support drives our success and dedication to a sustainable future. At Simta, we don’t follow trends; we set them.

D Sampath Kumar

CEO - Simta Astrix

CEO's Desk

At Simta, we believe that “Thinking together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”. This philosophy has helped us grow a foundation of relationships with our customers, channel partners, supply partners, employees and all other stakeholders. We have always believed and invested in developing relationships with all our stakeholders. These relationships, built on mutual trust, respect, honesty and integrity, have been hugely rewarding for Simta in its journey. As we move ahead in 2024, we will continue to stimulate this relationship with you, forge new bonds and sharpen our focus on helping you with our innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective products & solutions. Together, we can accelerate our combined or individual aspirations to a new level while creating, nurturing and sustaining a greener tomorrow.

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What We Offer

Quality Excellence

Simta Astrix is committed to achieving excellence in quality. We employ state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and import high-tech machinery from Turkey and Germany to ensure top-notch products. Our computerised facility prevents errors and provides precision in every aspect of production.


Innovation is at the core of Simta Astrix’s identity. Our in-house R&D team, composed of highly skilled engineers and designers, works collaboratively to create unique and sustainable products. We continuously strive to set trends and stay ahead in design and technology.


Recognising that each customer is unique, Simta Astrix offers various customisable options. We believe in providing tailored solutions to cater to diverse needs and preferences, ensuring that our products perfectly fit your requirements.

Energy Efficiency

Our commitment to energy efficiency is unwavering. Simta Astrix’s products are designed to neither retain nor transfer heat indoors, making them an ideal solution to lower greenhouse emissions and reduce energy bills.


Durability is the hallmark of our products. We ensure that our windows and doors are built to last, offering long-term value and minimising customer maintenance costs.

Environmental Responsibility

Simta Astrix’s uPVC is dedicated to environmental responsibility. We use lead-free and eco-friendly uPVC materials, making them a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to aluminium and wood.

Customer-Centric Approach

Our customers are our priority. Simta Astrix adopts a customer-centric approach, providing exceptional pre-sales advice, reliable after-sales service and a commitment to ultimate customer satisfaction.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are integral to our designs. Our windows and doors prioritise safety features, providing customers peace of mind in residential and commercial settings.


We adhere to strict industry standards, safety regulations and certifications. Simta Astrix products are recognised globally for their quality and compliance, instilling confidence in our customers.

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