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All space in residential and commercial buildings requires enough airflow in and out. The bathroom is no exception. Improper ventilation in your bathroom may result in bad odour and most importantly, may cause bad health issues.

The perfect solution is a better toilet ventilator. Simta Astrix offers it. Our uPVC bathroom window comes with an exhaust fan with louvers available in various upvc bathroom ventilation designs. Addition of pinhead glass maintains your privacy without compensating natural light.

Built with Jacobi’s German technology, our upvc bathroom ventilation window offers outstanding durability, weather resistance and a tight seal. The angled uPVC louvers ensure smooth air exchange for optimal ventilation.

Whether you require a small bathroom window upvc ventilators with exhaust fan or other ventilator design for bathroom, Simta Astrix has the perfect answer to enhance your indoor air quality.

How Does uPVC Ventilator Windows Function?

Fixed uPVC Louvers

When you see the ventilator window design, a common question that comes to your mind is: what is the purpose of this design? To solve the problem of the need for continuous airflow, to maintain privacy and to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Louver angled position keeps the mild airflow in your toilet day and night. Thus preventing bad smells and bringing fresh air. Further, this position hides everything from the outside world. It will keep the water at bay no matter how hard it rains outside.

uPVC Ventilator Windows - Fixed uPVC Louvers
uPVC Ventilator Windows - Exhaust Fan

Exhaust Fan

Generally, people think louvers are there for airflow, so why do we need a uPVC exhaust fan with window? The answer is that hot steam heats the air, rises above, will stay in & heat the room and could cause suffocation and discomfort.

Window mount exhaust fan creates a suction effect, pulling stale, moist and odorous air from the bathroom towards the fan. Thus escaping to the outer environment, making the bathroom comfortable and odourless.

Product Range

Applications of uPVC Ventilator

Application of uPVC Ventilator Windows

uPVC ventilator windows have various applications, main focus on enhancing ventilation & maintaining airflow in specific areas. Here are some common uses:

Why Choose uPVC Over Wood?

Maintenance Free

Bugs Free

Sound Proof

Energy Efficient

image which depicts the weather resistance capacity of the Simta Astrix's windows and doors

Weather Resistant

Thermal Stability


Fire Resistant



A ventilator window promotes airflow, enhancing bathroom air quality. Install Simta Astrix upvc ventilator windows or exhaust windows for optimal ventilation in your space.

UPVC, or unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, is a durable and energy-efficient material widely used in window frames and doors.

Our uPVC ventilators with exhaust fans are designed to provide effective air circulation and ventilation for improved indoor air quality.

UPVC windows can have vents, offering energy efficiency and controlled airflow for a well-ventilated and comfortable living space.

Our bathroom window designs with exhaust fans offer a practical solution for maintaining a fresh and comfortable bathroom environment.

We offer uPVC ventilator window options for small bathroom spaces, ensuring proper air exchange.

The height of a ventilation window varies, ensuring effective airflow and meeting your specific ventilation needs.

You can find a range of uPVC windows with exhaust fans to work with your ventilator system for enhanced ventilation.

Our uPVC bathroom ventilation windows are designed to allow fresh air circulation, reducing humidity and maintaining better air quality.

You can create an effective ventilation system by combining uPVC bathroom windows with uPVC ventilators to ensure a comfortable and fresh living space.

Ventilators in houses improve air quality, preventing stagnant air and promoting a healthier living environment.

Ventilators differ from windows by their primary function—ventilators focus on airflow and fresh air exchange, while windows emphasize views and natural light.

The thickness of a UPVC ventilator windows varies, typically ranging from 2mm to 3mm, ensuring sturdiness and insulation for optimal performance.

The three types of ventilation are natural, mechanical and hybrid, each serving to refresh indoor air and create a more pleasant living atmosphere.

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