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Simta’s Quality Assurance

At Simta Astrix, QA is not just a process; it’s our pledge to deliver excellence.

We understand that Quality Assurance (QA) is paramount in delivering exceptional products and services to our valued customers. We prioritise compliance with stringent industry regulations and safety standards, fostering trust and a strong reputation among our customers, suppliers, and partners. 

Our dedication to continuous improvement and rigorous manufacturing standards ensures top-quality products. It allows us to meet both Indian and global standards effectively, contributing to our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Setting the Standard Since 1991

Simta Astrix is committed to providing products of the highest calibre. We take a comprehensive approach that includes a variety of rigorous tests and requirements.

QA Framework

Our in-house R&D division is the backbone of our quality endeavours, enabling us to conduct comprehensive quality assessments. These tests, including the Charpy Impact Test, Vicat Softening Point Analysis, Falling Mass Test, Heat Reversion Assessment, Heat Aging Evaluation, Surface Straightness Test, Colour Consistency Assessment, Glossiness Test, Ash Content Examination, and Welding Strength Evaluation, serve as pillars of our QA framework.

Global Certifications

Manufacturing Standards

Our UPVC windows and doors profiles comply with EN12608- 2016 and stringent quality assurance with European standards. Our products are environmental friendly with calcium and zinc-based formulation, which offers UV resistance and weld strength to ensure the highest quality products. We use best-in-class raw materials from Europe to fabricate our products for your homes; they are processed under PLC/SCADA based Auto Weighing and Batching system with advanced gloss level.

We make products with fine craftsmanship using suitable gradients, textures and edges for full benefits of ventilation, operational, aesthetic and robustness.

Green Initiatives

Our commitment to a sustainable tomorrow begins with a low carbon footprint.

Simta has always worked towards a greener future with its eco-friendly uPVC windows and doors profiles. We make products with a low carbon footprint to give you more sustainable products. With uPVC, you are choosing sustainability and an intelligent, futuristic approach. It is more cost-efficient and provides excellent thermal insulation, making it more energy-efficient than wood or plastic. 

In addition, unlike other materials, it retains its shape in all weather conditions. As a result, it serves as a perfect choice for your windows, doors, and frames, with remarkable durability and excellent eco-balance.


Charpy Impact Test

Vicat Softening Point Analysis Test

Falling Test

Heat Reversion Assessment Test

Heat Aging Evaluation Test

Surface Glass Test

Colour Consistency Test

Ash Content Test

Welding Strength Evaluation Test

Density Test

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