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Simta Astrix uPVC
Sliding Windows

Simta Astrix uPVC Sliding windows offer space-saving solutions while incorporating a double-gasket system to ensure superior acoustic insulation and airtight seals. These windows boast larger steel chambers, enhancing stability and accommodating panels of various sizes. Our attention to detail extends to the construction, reinforcing corner strength at every welded joint and angle.

Our specialty is bringing premium uPVC sliding windows with 3-track and mosquito mesh options within reach of every customer. Enjoy the perfect blend of quality, functionality, and affordability with our white sliding windows.

Simta Astrix uPVC
Sliding Doors

Simta Astrix, India’s leading uPVC sliding doors manufacturer, offers premium solutions tailored to various requirements. Our uPVC sliding doors are ideal for high rises and coastal areas, ensuring excellent wind load performance, crucial in regions frequently subjected to high-speed winds.

Our uPVC sliding doors manufactured with broader steel chambers can withstand wind pressure of over 3000 PA, making them an exceptional choice for areas prone to severe weather conditions. Available in various sizes, our doors offer customisation options to match your specific concept and preferences. Additionally, strategically placed drain chambers facilitate efficient drainage, ensuring your space remains protected and dry during heavy rain or storms.

Product Range

Sliding System

Sliding System

Sliding System

Applications of uPVC Sliding Windows and Doors

Why Choose uPVC Over Wood?

Thermal Stability

Weather Resistant

Fire Resistant

Sound Proof


Maintenance Free

Energy Efficient

Bugs Free

Sliding vs Casement
Find Your Perfect Window Style!

Sliding Windows and Doors
Casement Windows and Doors

Opening Style

Horizontal sliding motion

Vertical swinging motion

Space Efficiency

Excellent for limited space, no outward swing


Requires space for outward swing, which may be restrictive


Limited ventilation, one side open at a time

Excellent ventilation can fully open for airflow


Modern and sleek design

Classic and timeless appearance



Easy to maintain with fewer moving parts

Regular checks on hinges and seals may be needed

Energy Efficiency

May require additional insulation for efficiency

Can provide a tight seal when closed, energy-efficient


Can be equipped with secure locking systems

Multi-point locking systems can enhance security


Generally more cost-effective

Costs may vary based on materials and features

Suitability for Large Openings

Ideal for wider openings, customizable

Suitable for various sizes but may have limitations



Choosing between sliding and casement windows depends on your specific needs and preferences. To explore detailed comparisons, advantages, and considerations for each type, click here.

The pricing of 3-track uPVC sliding windows may vary depending on your requirements. For accurate pricing, please get in touch with our sales team.

Yes, we offer uPVC sliding windows in a crisp white finish that complements interior and exterior designs.

3-track uPVC sliding windows with mesh provide excellent ventilation options, enhanced security, and protection against insects, making them a favoured choice for many homeowners.

For a customized quote for our uPVC sliding windows, including 3 track options, please visit our "Contact Us" page.

Simta Astrix Sliding Windows are crafted for seamless functionality and aesthetic appeal. They feature smooth gliding mechanisms, providing effortless operation.

uPVC sliding doors offer multiple benefits, including being heat & fireproof, environmentally friendly with a long lifespan, high-quality finish, and resistance to extreme weather conditions. 

Simta Astrix's uPVC sliding doors are designed to withstand high wind loads, making them ideal for regions prone to strong winds. They have broader steel chambers that can resist wind pressures exceeding 3000 PA.

uPVC sliding doors are versatile and suitable for space-saving access to small balconies, providing expansive views in modern homes and serving as efficient room dividers.

uPVC sliding doors have a minimum lifespan of 40 years and are crafted with 100% recyclable raw materials, making them environmentally friendly and ensuring long-lasting durability.

Yes, uPVC sliding doors come in various sizes and offer customisation options to align with your unique concepts and preferences.

Simta Astrix is India's leading uPVC sliding doors manufacturer. It is known for offering premium solutions prioritising wind load performance.

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