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Simta’s uPVC Designer Doors

Introducing Simta Astrix’s innovative pre-hung uPVC designer doors. Crafted with eco-friendly materials and a decade of expertise in uPVC profiles, our doors offer supreme quality, style and durability. These doors are a part of the Make-in-India project, showcasing our commitment to quality and sustainability. Explore our unique designer doors today and join us in promoting eco-conscious living.

Elevate your space with Simta Astrix’s designer doors. These pre-hung door sets are stylish and ready for easy installation. With a wide range of frame components and a focus on eco-friendly manufacturing, our designer doors offer a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Designer Door Range

Designer Door 101

Designer Door 102

Designer Door 103

Designer Door 105

Designer Door 107

Designer Door 108

Designer Door 109

Designer Door 111

Designer Door Features




Termite Resistant

image which depicts the Maintenance free of the Simta Astrix's windows and doors

Easy Maintenance

Sound Proof

Energy Efficient

Aesthetically Pleasing

Global Certifications



uPVC bathroom doors are specially designed from a durable and moisture-resistant material called uPVC. They are ideal for use in bathrooms and other areas with highly humid spaces.

Yes, Simta Astrix bathroom doors are environmental friendly as they are made from recyclable materials, promoting sustainability.

Absolutely! Simta Astrix uPVC Designer doors are backed by a warranty, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

Some popular door brands in India include Simta Astrix, Seaoux Doors and others known for their quality and innovative designs.

uPVC doors are a preferred choice for bathrooms and toilets due to their resistance to moisture, longevity, and eco-friendly characteristics. They provide a safe & durable solution for these spaces.

Yes, uPVC doors, including those from Simta Astrix, can be used for toilet doors. They offer durability and resistance to moisture.

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