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Simta Astrix uPVC
Fixed Windows

Simta Astrix’s fixed uPVC windows, armed with airtight seals and sleek design, silence noise and stand firm against the wildest gales. Combined with insulated and uPVC glass window manufacturers, Fixed windows offer an uninterrupted view without worrying about wind, noise or burglary.

Our uPVC fixed glass windows are a testament to precision craftsmanship. The combination of insulated glass panels and the durability of uPVC materials ensures that these windows stand up to even the harshest conditions. Whether you require fixed glass windows for a residential project, commercial development or any other setting, our uPVC fixed windows are your best choice.

Product Range

Applications of uPVC Fixed Windows

Why Choose uPVC Over Wooden Windows?

Energy Efficient

Sound Proof


Weather Resistant

image which depicts the thermal stability of the Simta Astrix's windows and doors

Thermal Stability

Fire Resistant

Bugs Free

Maintenance Free



Our uPVC fixed windows feature innovative design and aesthetics, providing a visual delight while being functional.

uPVC fixed glass windows offer an unobstructed view and create an open, airy atmosphere, adding to the visual appeal of any space.

Yes, we offer a range of design options for your uPVC fixed windows, allowing you to choose the style and finish that best suits your space.

The primary benefit of uPVC fixed glass windows is the unobstructed panoramic view they provide, enhancing the aesthetic and value of your property.

Yes, these windows are virtually maintenance-free, requiring minimal cleaning and upkeep.

For a customized quote for our uPVC fixed glass windows, please visit our "Contact Us" page.

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