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Coloured uPVC Doors and Windows
in Gurgaon

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Simta Astrix Coloured uPVC Doors and Windows
in Gurgaon

Simta Astrix offers a rich palette of colour options for your uPVC Doors and Windows, allowing you to customise your living spaces with a touch of elegance. Choose from the timeless warmth of “Golden Oak” or the classic allure of “Dark Oak” for a sophisticated look. “Mahogany” adds a touch of traditional charm, while “Walnut” brings a sense of natural beauty.

Consider “Grey” or “Black” to complement contemporary design themes for a modern and versatile aesthetic. “Pyrite Gold” introduces a subtle yet distinctive golden hue for luxury lovers. With these colour options, Simta Astrix ensures that your uPVC Doors and Windows not only enhance energy efficiency and security but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home.

uPVC Doors and Windows
Colour Options







Benefits of uPVC Doors and Windows
Colour Options

There are several advantages for homeowners who choose uPVC doors and windows with a variety of colour options.


A wide range of colour choices, such as “Golden Oak,” “Dark Oak,” “Mahogany,” “Walnut,” “Grey,” “Black,” and “Pyrite Gold,” provide individualized home design.

Timeless Charm

Traditional wood tones like “Dark Oak” and “Golden Oak” give houses a classic appearance.

Modern Appeal

Sleek and fashionable choices like “Black” and “Grey” complement various architectural designs.

Opulent Touch

 “Pyrite Gold” creates a unique centre point and adds a touch of luxury with its delicate golden colour.

UV Resistance

uPVC colour selections are made to withstand UV damage, ensuring vibrant colour retention with little upkeep.


Yes, Simta Astrix offers energy-efficient uPVC windows in Gurgaon, providing excellent insulation and reducing energy costs.

Simta Astrix provides various uPVC window profiles, including Casement and Sliding designs, allowing for versatile customization.

Coloured uPVC doors from Simta Astrix enhance the aesthetic appeal of homes in Gurgaon, offering a rich palette of options to match individual styles.

Yes, Simta Astrix uPVC doors in Gurgaon have sound-proofing features, ensuring a peaceful and quiet living environment.

Yes, Simta Astrix offers uPVC folding doors for installation in Gurgaon, providing a stylish and space-efficient solution.

Simta Astrix uPVC windows are weather-proof and resilient, protecting against rain, smog, fog, and heat in Gurgaon.

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