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Quality uPVC Sliding and Folding Doors
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Simta Astrix uPVC Sliding and Folding Doors in Hyderabad

Simta Astrix, a premier manufacturer of sliding and folding doors in Hyderabad, meets the rising demand for top-notch building materials in this dynamic real estate hub. Our doors reflect a commitment to excellence crafted in a cutting-edge facility by seasoned professionals. Ideal for modern living, these doors offer enhanced natural light, unobstructed views, and seamless indoor-outdoor transitions.

Choose from various sliding and folding door solutions tailored to your preferences. Simta Astrix ensures a hassle-free experience with prompt installation services and dedicated after-sales support. Contact Simta Astrix today to transform your living spaces.

Benefits of uPVC Sliding and Folding Doors for
Hyderabad Residents

Living in Hyderabad, you know the importance of maximizing your living space and enjoying the beautiful weather. uPVC sliding and folding doors offer the perfect solution to your needs.


uPVC doors maximize living space and are perfect for Hyderabad’s real estate needs.


uPVC doors brighten homes and provide cosy living areas.

Versatility in

uPVC door designs and hues that are varied and go well with Hyderabad’s architectural themes.

Better Air

Improve ventilation using uPVC doors to stay comfortable in Hyderabad’s warm weather.


Long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance are required for uPVC doors for busy Hyderabadi homeowners.

Applications of uPVC Sliding and Folding Doors

Our Quality Assurance Process

We thoroughly inspect these aspects to ensure top-quality uPVC Windows:


Simta Astrix offers premium accordion doors, providing a perfect blend of style and functionality for your space.

Yes, Simta Astrix provides a range of folding room doors designed to optimize space and enhance interior aesthetics.

Simta Astrix is your trusted source for top-quality doors in Hyderabad, ensuring durability and style for your home or business.

Simta Astrix offers a variety of sliding doors, bringing elegance and natural light to your living spaces in Hyderabad.

Yes, Simta Astrix specializes in high-quality double folding doors, offering a seamless and stylish solution for your living areas.

uPVC doors from Simta Astrix optimize space, infuse natural light, provide versatile styles, enhance air circulation, and require minimal maintenance for Hyderabad residents.

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