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Create Your Serene Haven with Cutting-Edge Soundproof Windows and Doors

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Craving Peace? Longing for tranquillity? Finding a quiet haven within your home can feel like a dream in a world filled with hustle and bustle. But it doesn’t have to be.

Simta Astrix is here to redefine your relationship with noise, transforming your home into a sanctuary of serenity with our premium soundproof windows and doors.

Imagine Waking up to the gentle chirping of birds, not the jarring rumble of traffic. Drifting off to sleep in a symphony of silence, undisturbed by street noise or noisy neighbours. Simta Astrix makes this dream a reality with cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship.

Unveiling the Simta Astrix Advantage:

Double Down on Silence

Our revolutionary double-side compressed gasket system creates a virtually impenetrable barrier against noise, sealing the frame and glazing for unmatched sound insulation. Experience windows and doors that block noise and amplify the tranquillity within your home.

Tailored Tranquility

Each home has unique needs, and Simta Astrix understands that. We offer various customisable glazing options, allowing you to fine-tune the soundproofing to your specific desires. No matter your noise challenges, we have the perfect solution for a personalised oasis of peace.

Unwavering Quality

At Simta Astrix, we believe in building lasting windows and doors. That’s why we use only the highest-grade uPVC material, renowned for its exceptional durability and insulating properties. Our windows silence the outside world and create a comfortable and energy-efficient living environment.

A Symphony of Solutions

Noise-Proof Havens: Escape the city’s cacophony with our advanced noise-proof windows and doors. Bedrooms become sanctuaries, living rooms transform into peaceful retreats, and home offices blossom into havens of focus. Unleash a symphony of silence in every room with Simta Astrix.

Modern Serenity

Let elegance meet silence with our stunning soundproof sliding doors. These beautiful doors seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with cutting-edge noise-cancelling technology, adding a touch of sophistication while wrapping your home in tranquillity.

Your Personalized Soundscape:

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter solutions. Simta Astrix goes beyond the ordinary, offering custom-designed soundproofing solutions for your unique needs. Whether it’s a bustling street or a noisy neighbour, we’ll tailor the perfect barrier to create your personalised haven of quiet.

Why Choose Simta Astrix?

Experience that Inspires

Decades of expertise flows into every Simta Astrix window. Trust us to elevate your living experience with windows crafted by dedicated professionals who understand the value of silence.

Innovation that Leads

We don’t just dream of a quieter world; we engineer it. Our double-side compressed gasket system sets the bar for sound insulation, keeping you ahead with the latest technological advancements.

Crafted with Pride,

Every Simta Astrix window is proudly made in India, adhering to the highest global standards. Experience the excellence of local craftsmanship with windows built to exceed your expectations.

Sound Insulation Table

Location & Noise Pollution Level
Recommended max. Noise level
Rec. soundproofing level of window
Noise protection class

Residential Area
About 60dB

Sleeping 25 - 30 dB
Housing 30-35 dB
Working 35 - 50 dB

30 dB
27 dB
14 dB


Town Centre
About 70dB

Sleeping 25 - 30 dB
Housing 30-35 dB
Working 35 - 50 dB

47 dB
37 dB
35 dB


About 75 dB

Sleeping 25 - 30 dB
Housing 30-35 dB
Working 35 - 50 dB

47 dB
43 dB
30 dB


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Simta Astrix Soundproof Windows and doors use a revolutionary double-side compressed gasket system for unparalleled noise insulation. Our quality uPVC material ensures durability and exceptional sound blocking, setting us apart in the industry.

Yes. We offer various customisable glazing options to tailor soundproofing to your specific needs. Whether for a city centre or a residential area, we provide personalised solutions for tranquillity.

Our doors seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with noise-cancelling technology, adding sophistication and creating a peaceful retreat.

Consult our sound insulation table, recommending specific soundproofing levels based on your location and noise pollution for informed decision-making.

With decades of expertise, local craftsmanship, and an innovative double-sided compressed gasket system, Simta Astrix delivers excellence. Proudly made in India, we set new benchmarks in sound insulation for a tranquil home.

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