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Simta Astrix uPVC
Sliding and Folding Doors

Simta Astrix’s uPVC sliding and folding doors, designed to enhance architecture with open, light-filled spaces, offer a world of possibilities. Our range includes 3 track 3 shutters and 3 track 6 shutters, providing architects with ample choices for creative designs. Whether for a large balcony door or floor-to-ceiling windows, our folding doors add versatility to your architectural plans.

Inventa’s slide & fold uPVC doors offer tailored solutions, such as the option of a 2-track 2-shutter design measuring 1.6 X 2.1 meters, with a wind load resistance of 1500 PA. These doors are not limited by size; they can be customised to meet specific requirements while maintaining wind load resistance on the interlock section. Whether you’re looking for a foldable door, sliding and folding shutter doors, folding doors for your balcony, or uPVC sliding and folding doors, Simta Astrix has the perfect solution to transform your space with elegance and versatility.

Product Range

Applications of uPVC Sliding and Folding Doors

Why Choose uPVC Over Wooden Doors?

Termite Resistant

Solid Secure & Safe

Environmental Friendly

Multiple designs

Fire Resistant

High Quality Finish

Long-lasting & Durable

Weather Resistant



A foldable door, also known as a sliding and folding shutter door, offers a unique design that allows it to fold and slide to one side, providing a wide and open entry.

A folding door for the balcony, such as a uPVC sliding and folding doors, creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, maximising natural light and ventilation.

Folding shutter doors offer both aesthetic appeal and practicality. They provide a stylish and modern look while allowing for versatile room configurations and improved energy efficiency.

Foldable doors are available in various materials, including wood and uPVC. You can choose the material that best suits your style and functional requirements.

Folding doors offer customisation options in terms of material, design, size, and additional features like noise-resistant or energy-efficient glass.

Foldable doors are easy to maintain and durable for long-term use, especially with quality materials like uPVC. Proper care and maintenance will ensure their longevity.

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