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Simta Astrix uPVC

All residential and commercial properties require adequate ventilation. The Simta Astrix uPVC ventilators are available in numerous designs and are partially open both ways. A strong locking mechanism with a double-sided gasket provides excellent seal and tightness along with the frame and glazing areas, while the angled ventilator frame allows smooth air exchange.

These ventilators are constructed using German technology from Jacobi, ensuring exceptional durability and the ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Whether you require a small bathroom window with an uPVC ventilator and exhaust fan or other solutions for your property, Simta Astrix has the perfect answer to enhance your indoor air quality.

Product Range

Applications of uPVC Ventilator

Why Choose uPVC Over Wood?

Maintenance Free

Bugs Free

Sound Proof

Energy Efficient

Weather Resistant

Thermal Stability


Fire Resistant



Our uPVC ventilators with exhaust fans are designed to provide effective air circulation and ventilation for improved indoor air quality.

Our bathroom window designs with exhaust fans offer a practical solution for maintaining a fresh and comfortable bathroom environment.

We offer uPVC ventilator window options for small bathroom spaces, ensuring proper air exchange.

You can find a range of uPVC windows with exhaust fans to work with your ventilator system for enhanced ventilation.

Our uPVC bathroom ventilation windows are designed to allow fresh air circulation, reducing humidity and maintaining better air quality.

You can create an effective ventilation system by combining uPVC bathroom windows with uPVC ventilators to ensure a comfortable and fresh living space.

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