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Why Us

SIMTA has been a synonym of sustainability with its eco-friendly windows, doors and profiles. We fabricate our products with the highest European standards and standardised raw materials for giving our customers the best quality. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit with highly advanced machinery, effectively making products catering to modern requirements. We have a dedicated R&D team always making top-notch products and constantly evolving to make your experience better. In addition, we have excellent market and customer support, helping us bring you products with 100% quality assurance.

We help you build elegant and greener homes with our aesthetic doors and windows.

Eco Friendly

Confirms to European Standards

State of the Art Manufacturing facility

Best Raw

Strong R&D

Training &


Ethylene Based

We use ethylene-based resin to fabricate our uPVC doors and windows, which act as sun-shield and yield longer life to the products. It is derived from VCM: Vinyl Chloride Monomer that is basically from petroleum extracts.

It has high molecular mass, even molecular mass distribution, high thermal stability, high heat distortion temperature, good electrical insulation, and excellent mechanical strength, making it perfect for fabricating windows, doors, and profiles.



Profitable. Channel Partnership

We have a large network of fabricators, dealers and direct channel part- ners in our existing establishment. SIMTA believes that the power of a business truly lies in its extremely strong network of channel partners. We consider ourselves negligible without them. We encourage new and upcoming fabricators to associate directly with us. We provide them the material required and guide them to process the same to make end products. For those who are in remote areas with little or no access to us directly can approach us through our existing network too. We promote channel partnership either as a direct fabrica- tor or a dealer or trading unit who stock our products and primarily service remote areas.


Help Setup
Fabrication units

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Marketing support
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Market Support

At SIMTA, we have an excellent partnership market support directional in two ways to enhance our partners’ sales; directly through the authority or by third-party means. We help dealers to stimulate sales by any of the above methods which suit their requirements.

Technical Support

Our dedicated technical support team is placed all over India and is also available online to hand-hold the customer and resolve any concerns. Our team also coordinates with the vendors and customers and ensure smooth installation by recommending the best solution.

Warehouse. across India


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