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Top 5 Places to Install Sliding Folding Doors At Home

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Top 5 Places to Install Sliding Folding Doors At Home

Scope of Sliding Folding Doors

uPVC sliding folding doors, also known as bi-folding doors, have gained popularity in home design for their practicality and modern aesthetic. Often crafted with glass panels, these doors are favoured over traditional solid doors in India and beyond.

This blog informs you of the places uPVC sliding folding doors can be placed in your home.

Best Spots for Sliding Folding Doors

Here are five areas in a home where Simta Astrix uPVC folding doors can be effectively utilised:


These doors transform the way we perceive home extensions. They serve as a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Whether linking a living room to a balcony or porch, the doors fold away neatly, creating an illusion of increased space and allowing natural light to flood the area.


Conservatories are great for uPVC folding doors because they balance interior comfort and the natural world. The glass construction offers an unobstructed view of the outdoors, while the ability to fold them away brings nature inside.

Thus providing an immersive experience without compromising safety or comfort. If you want to learn about sliding doors and windows, click here.

Room Dividers

In larger rooms where space utilisation can be challenging, uPVC folding doors are valuable. They can effectively divide a spacious area into separate living and dining spaces, adding flexibility to the use of the living space while introducing a touch of modern style.

Image of Simta Astrix uPVC Sliding Folding Doors.

Simta Astrix: uPVC Sliding Folding Doors


Installing uPVC folding doors in corners with picturesque views enhances the overall scenery. When folded back, these doors offer a wide-angle view of gardens or patios, establishing a visual connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.


Creating a seamless link between the interior and exterior of a home is a hallmark of smart home design. uPVC French doors are suitable, but uPVC folding doors excel in this role, especially when connecting patios to the interior.

When fully opened and neatly tucked away, these doors provide a broad and clear view, effectively blending the patio with the indoor living space.

It’s important to note that the appeal of uPVC folding doors extends beyond residential settings. They are equally effective in office spaces, add a contemporary touch to restaurants, and create stylish entrances in supermarkets.


The rising popularity of uPVC folding doors can be attributed to their space-saving features and modern aesthetics. As more homeowners discover the versatility of these doors, they are finding innovative ways to enhance and transform their living spaces.

Whether facilitating smooth transitions between areas or maximising scenic views, uPVC folding doors have become a prevalent choice for modern homes in India and beyond. At Simta, we have a premium collection of uPVC windows and doors for your living space.

To buy the best sliding folding door, contact us!


What are slide and fold doors?

Slide and fold doors, also known as folding sliding doors, offer a versatile design that allows panels to fold and slide smoothly.

What materials are used for sliding folding shutter doors?

Sliding folding shutter doors are commonly made of PVC for durability and flexibility.

Are uPVC sliding folding doors suitable for internal spaces?

Yes, upvc sliding folding doors are ideal for internal spaces, providing a sleek and space-saving design.

Can you customise the design of folding sliding doors?

Yes, you can choose from various folding sliding door designs to match your aesthetic preferences.

How does a folding sliding door system work?

A folding sliding door system uses a track and hinge mechanism, allowing panels to fold and slide with ease.

Where are sliding folding glass doors commonly used?

Sliding folding glass doors are popular in spaces where a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors is desired.

What are the benefits of using slide and fold uPVC doors?

uPVC sliding folding doors offer weather resistance, energy efficiency, and low maintenance, among other benefits.

Are there different types of sliding folding doors for wardrobes?

Yes, sliding folding wardrobe doors come in various styles, allowing customisation based on space and design preferences.

What places commonly use sliding & folding doors?

Sliding & folding doors are commonly used in homes, offices, commercial spaces, and areas with limited space.

How do internal folding sliding doors contribute to space optimisation?

Internal folding sliding doors are designed to save space by folding neatly when opened, making them an excellent choice for compact areas.


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