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Why is Simta Astrix One of the Top uPVC Brands in India?

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Why is Simta Astrix One of the Top uPVC Brands in India?

Simta Astrix: The Largest uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturer in India

Simta Astrix has evolved as a leading manufacturer in the uPVC sector in India, offering top-quality uPVC windows and doors.

With a legacy spanning more than 30 years and a strong commitment to sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction, Simta Astrix has become a premier choice for durable and eco-friendly uPVC doors and windows.

We post this blog in an attempt to take a peek at what makes Simta Astrix one of the top uPVC brands in India.

Simta Astrix One of the Top uPVC Brands in India

Legacy and Inception

Simta started out by providing cutting-edge tools and machinery to the textile sector when the company was founded in 1991.

By focusing on innovation and forming partnerships, Simta has become a dominant force in the textile industry, building the groundwork for its upcoming endeavours.

Diversification into uPVC

In 2013, Simta expanded its line of business with the introduction of Simta Astrix, an environmentally friendly line of uPVC windows and doors.

Through a strong commitment to quality, a love for advanced technology, and an endless desire for customer satisfaction, Simta Astrix quickly became the largest manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors in the Indian subcontinent.

Unmatched Growth and Expansion

Simta has grown exponentially from its modest beginnings, increasing its uPVC profile manufacturing capacity from 1000 TPA (Tonnes Per Annum) in 2013 to an impressive 18,000+ TPA by 2024.

With 13+ uPVC profile extrusion machines imported from Austria & Turkey, Simta supplies uPVC profiles all over India.

Today, Simta is India’s No. 1 uPVC windows and doors manufacturer, setting new standards for quality and innovation.

Commitment to Quality

Simta Astrix is a synonym for quality when it comes to uPVC doors and windows. Our high-quality uPVC profiles are the result of the following factors:

  • Imported premium raw materials from Fortune 500 companies worldwide
  • 13+ high-tech extrusion lines from Austria and Turkey
  • Fully automated plant with PLC/SCADA systems for consistency and quality in all products
  • Profile lamination system with advanced hot melt PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) technology
  • German imported laminates from Renolit

The above factors enable Simta to give premium quality uPVC products in the Indian market.

Smart Infrastructure

Simta Astrix boasts a cutting-edge infrastructure and commitment to sustainability, ensuring top-quality uPVC windows and doors.

From advanced machinery and premium raw material sourcing to eco-friendly practices, Simta Astrix sets industry standards for excellence and reliability.

Extrusion Lines of Simta Astrix - One of the Top uPVC Brands in India

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Simta Astrix places a high priority on environmental responsibility and uses eco-friendly and lead-free uPVC materials in its products.

By providing energy-efficient solutions that cut greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs, Simta Astrix is dedicated to building a greener tomorrow for future generations.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer satisfaction is Simta Astrix’s satisfaction.

With a focus on the needs and preferences of its clients, Simta Astrix offers outstanding pre-sale guidance, dependable post-sale support, and customisable solutions.

Safety, Security & Compliance

In both residential and business settings, Simta Astrix prioritises safety and security in its uPVC doors and windows designs.

Due to its adherence to strict industry standards, safety regulations, and certifications, Simta Astrix products are renowned for its quality and compliance on a global scale.


With a legacy of excellence, a commitment to innovation and sustainability, and a customer-centric approach, Simta Astrix has earned its place as one of the top uPVC brands in India.

As it continues to grow and innovate, Simta Astrix remains dedicated to providing premium windows and doors solutions that elevate spaces while cultivating a greener and more sustainable future.

If you want to buy uPVC windows and doors from the top uPVC brand in India, Contact Simta Astrix now!

If you want to be one among the 450+ fabricators of Simta Astrix, Partner with us!


What is uPVC windows?

uPVC windows are durable, energy-efficient frames made from unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. They offer excellent insulation and low maintenance.

Where can I find ready-made windows for my house?

Ready-made windows can be found at local hardware stores, home improvement centres, or specialised window suppliers, including online options.

What are the advantages of uPVC window frames?

uPVC window frames are highly durable, provide excellent thermal insulation, resist rotting and corrosion, require minimal maintenance, and offer various design options.

How do I choose the best uPVC windows manufacturer in India?

Consider factors such as reputation, experience, product range, energy efficiency, warranty, certifications, and customer reviews when selecting an uPVC windows manufacturer in India.

What is the cost comparison between aluminium and uPVC windows?

While uPVC windows may have a slightly higher initial cost, they offer better energy efficiency and lower maintenance expenses compared to aluminium windows.


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