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uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows: Which are the Best for You?

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uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows: Which are the Best for You?

uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows: The Great Debate

If you take a look at the windows market in India, materials such as uPVC, wood and aluminium remain on top of the food chain. It is always a matter of debate about which material to choose. Wood windows vs uPVC or uPVC vs aluminium or wood vs aluminium.

In this blog, Simta Astrix presents you with the uPVC vs wooden windows India showdown. If you want to know about uPVC vs aluminium, click here. So, Let’s start…..

Major Aspects to Consider

The important aspects to consider when it comes to buying windows are the material’s durability, the maintenance that it demands, energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, how it positively impacts the environment and most importantly, its cost.


The ability of a material or product to withstand wear and deterioration over time is influenced by factors such as strength, resistance to environmental elements and maintenance requirements.

uPVC Windows

Offers exceptional longevity, generally lasting 20 to 35 years with low maintenance requirements. Resists rotting, warping and extreme weather conditions.

Wooden Windows

Come with an impressive lifespan spanning around 40 years but demand regular repainting, staining and termite protection. It takes sufficient care to reach the longevity mentioned above.


Regular care and upkeep are performed to preserve objects, structures or systems’ condition, functionality and longevity.

uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows - Maintenance

uPVC Windows

All it takes is a little maintenance and occasional cleaning with mild soap & water. uPVC’s non-porous nature prevents dirt and grime accumulation.

Wooden Windows

Depending on the wood type and its exposure, it demands regular maintenance. Repainting every 3 to 4 years is recommended, with termite checks and treatments.

Energy Efficiency

Features like double glazing and proper seals help minimise heat transfer, reducing energy consumption and lowering building heating and cooling costs.

uPVC Windows

Modern uPVC profiles offer top-notch thermal insulation, reducing cooling and heating costs. Double and triple glazing further saves energy.

Wooden Windows

Dense wood offers good thermal insulation, which double glazing can further enhance.


Refers to windows’ visual appeal and how well they complement the overall design of a space. It encompasses factors like style, colour, framing and detailing.

uPVC Windows

Comes in a variety of colour options, and guess what? It also mimics wood finishes. However, they offer a less traditional look.

Wooden Windows

Provides a classic look and timeless style. Gives a lot of customisable options.

Environmental Impact

Window environmental impact encompasses production, use and disposal consequences, covering resource consumption, energy use, recyclability and waste generation.

Create positive environmental Impact by saving the forest.

uPVC Windows

Can have a higher initial carbon footprint during production, but uPVC windows are often recyclable. Choose recycled uPVC for a lower impact.

Wooden Windows

Sustainable if sourced from responsibly managed forests with FSC certification. However, consider the environmental cost of ongoing maintenance like paints and treatments.


Expenses incurred for window purchase, installation and potential maintenance. The cost of wooden windows vs uPVC is discussed below.

uPVC Windows

Generally more affordable initially compared to high-quality wood. Also demands lower maintenance costs over time.

Wooden Windows

Can range in price depending on the wood type and quality. Hardwood is more expensive but durable, while softwood is cheaper but requires more maintenance.

Quick Summary

AspectsuPVC WindowsWooden Windows
Energy Efficiency
Positive Environmental ImpactInitial Stage
Longer Run

Final Verdict

In the debate between uPVC windows and wooden windows India, the “best” choice depends on your priorities, preferences and budget. Consider the above-mentioned factors when making your decision.

Both uPVC and wooden windows have unique advantages, so weigh the pros and cons to find the perfect fit for your home.

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What is the cost difference between uPVC and wooden windows in India?

uPVC windows are generally more cost-effective than wooden windows in India.

Are uPVC windows more energy-efficient than wooden windows?

Yes, uPVC windows offer excellent thermal insulation, reducing energy costs.

What factors affect uPVC windows vs wooden windows cost India?

Factors including size, design and installation complexity impact costs.

What’s the maintenance difference between uPVC and wood?

uPVC is low maintenance; wood requires more attention, like painting.

Wooden window frames vs uPVC – which is more cost-effective?

uPVC frames are usually more cost-effective compared to wooden frames.

uPVC grill vs wooden windows – which has a lower cost?

uPVC grills are typically more budget-friendly than wooden windows.


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