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Why you Should Prefer Simta uPVC Window over Fenesta uPVC Window?

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Fenesta uPVC Window

Simta uPVC Window Vs Fenesta uPVC Wind ows

One of the big challenges in life is what to choose. We all face this situation daily. Likewise, choosing windows also falls under this category. With options like Simta Astrix uPVC windows and Fenesta uPVC windows on the market, the choices can be overwhelming.

Homeowners face challenges in understanding window types, how they perform and their long-term impacts. It further goes beyond upfront costs and expenses on installation & maintenance. Also, poor installation causes performance and security issues.

It’s not a time to worry; to make your challenges easy, we present you this blog. Go through till the last word to understand every aspect of uPVC windows once and for all.

A Head-to-Head Comparison

Material Quality

Simta uPVC Windows profiles are manufactured with premium imported materials from Fortune 500 companies worldwide, such as Kaneka, LG, and DuPont. Thus offers superior resistance to corrosion, bugs and weathering to ensure longevity.

Fenesta uPVC windows, on the other hand, may use uPVC, but the overall material quality may vary, impacting the window’s performance and lifespan.

Design and Colour Options

The overall tone of your dream home is set by the design and colour of your uPVC windows. Simta uPVC windows come with various design types and sophisticated colour choices. We understand each homeowner’s unique tastes and preferences.

Multiple colour options offered by Simta Astrix.
Simta Astrix – Multiple Colour Options

Simta Astrix – Multiple Colour Options

With design ranges from casement, sliding and tilt & turn to bay windows, partnered with a ballet of colours and finishes, Simta uPVC windows got you covered. Enhances functionality and beauty of your home.

If you compare, while Fenesta uPVC windows also offer design and colour options, the range may be limited, which makes Simta the go-to choice for functionality and design flexibility.

Energy Efficiency

Simta uPVC windows are renowned for their first-class insulation properties, providing thermal efficiency to your space. Our profiles are multi-chambered and, with advanced sealing technology, provide reduced heat transfer, consequently offering energy savings.

Fenesta uPVC windows also offer good insulation, but design features and insulation capacities may differ.

Customization Options

To meet homeowners’ diverse aesthetic preferences and architectural styles, Simta uPVC windows offer various customisation options. You can choose from various colour options, wood finishes and styles to fit perfectly with your home’s theme.

Fenesta uPVC windows also offer customisation options, but the range may be limited compared to Simta.


Simta uPVC windows are often a more cost-effective product when compared to Fenesta uPVC windows. The premium quality raw materials coupled with advanced manufacturing processes allow Simta to offer competitive pricing without compromising on durability.

This makes Simta uPVC windows an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers without compromising quality.

Installation and Maintenance

With over 1 lakh monthly installations, 450+ fabricators and 7+ warehouses all across India, Simta is well-versed in the installation of uPVC windows. Our uPVC window designs are suitable for ease of installation and low maintenance nature appeals more to buyers.

Fenesta uPVC windows also offer ease of installation & maintenance, but the overall longevity and durability may vary.

Have You Decided Yet?

While both Simta uPVC Windows & Fenesta Windows have their merits, the former stands out as a preferred choice for homeowners.


Combination of quality materials, design & colour options, customization options, cost-effectiveness & low maintenance.

Before making a decision, consider all the above factors and also ensure the chosen windows align with your overall vision. I am pretty sure that you want to contact us. Please click here!


What are the benefits of uPVC openable windows?

uPVC openable windows offer excellent ventilation, ease of operation and durability. They are energy-efficient and resistant to weathering, making them a popular home choice.

Can I get uPVC windows with a wood finish?

Yes, uPVC windows with wood finish provide the aesthetic appeal of wood without the maintenance concerns. They combine the elegance of wood with the durability and low maintenance of uPVC.

What are the key considerations when choosing uPVC windows?

Important uPVC window specifications include profile thickness, glass options, hardware quality and energy efficiency ratings. Understanding these specifications helps in making an informed decision.

Are uPVC windows suitable for balcony installations?

Yes, uPVC windows are a suitable choice for balcony installations. They offer weather resistance, security features, and various styles to enhance the aesthetics of your balcony space.

How do 3 track uPVC windows with mesh enhance functionality?

3 track uPVC windows with mesh provide added versatility by allowing multiple sliding tracks. The integrated mesh adds an extra layer of protection against insects without compromising ventilation.

Who are the top 10 uPVC window manufacturers in Bangalore?

Some top uPVC window manufacturers in Bangalore include Simta Astrix, Fenesta, Prominance, Green Fenster, Encraft, Aparna Venster and Wintech.

What distinguishes uPVC windows from wooden windows?

uPVC windows are weather-resistant, low-maintenance and energy-efficient, while wooden windows require more upkeep. uPVC windows also offer better insulation and durability.

Can uPVC windows be customised for specific designs?

Yes, uPVC windows come in various styles and designs. From fixed windows to corner windows, manufacturers offer customisation options to suit specific design preferences and requirements.


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