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Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Alternative to uPVC Windows

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Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Alternative to uPVC Windows

Alternative to uPVC Windows?!?!?!

Do you know? What is the most popular window in the Indian market right now? It’s none other than uPVC Windows! It’s the most sought-after window in the competitive market, filled with wood, aluminium and fibreglass windows.

Every window mentioned above comes with its unique characteristics. Yet, when you take its overall performance in the long run, uPVC comes on top. Let’s discuss the 5 reasons in detail on this page.

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Alternative to uPVC Windows

uPVC windows, short for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, have become popular among homeowners due to their affordability, durability, insulation properties, various design options and low maintenance needs. Let’s discuss each below.

Unbeatable Value

The most cost-efficient window in the market is uPVC windows. When compared to wooden and aluminium windows, uPVC windows upfront cost is significantly lower. The material like wood and aluminium comes from trees and mining. Thus, extracting them causes high costs.

Also harms the environment in a way. uPVC is a recyclable environment-friendly material which can be synthesised. Making it lower in cost! uPVC windows are budget-friendly even in the long run due to their low maintenance properties.

Durable & Weather Resistant Properties

uPVC is known for its durable nature and resilience. Even in extreme climatic conditions, uPVC resists wrapping, cracking & corrosion due to its weather-resistant properties. Heat-resistant properties combat extreme heat conditions, and their insulation properties combat severe cold conditions.

Simta Astrix uPVC window’s perfect design enables it to withstand strong winds. These properties make uPVC windows more durable than wood and aluminium, which lack the above properties.

Simta Astrix waterproof uPVC windows.

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Superior Insulation

If you take wood, it will expand by absorption of water from rain or moisture from the winter season. This results in 2 problems: windows get stuck often and allow chillness inside the living space.

If you take aluminium, it will expand in high temperatures in the summer season. This results in 2 problems: windows may bend due to their expansion, and low insulation results in high interior temperature.

This is different in uPVC windows, which boast excellent insulation properties irrespective of the seasons. They effectively trap heat in the winter and keep the cool air inside during summer, contributing to significant energy savings on your heating and cooling bills.

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Easy & Low Maintenance

uPVC window is easy to maintain; all you need to do is a little maintenance routine 2-3 times a year. Washing uPVC window glass with soap solution is adequate and to know more, click here.

Easy & Low Maintenance - Reason to Avoid Alternative to uPVC Windows

For an alternative to uPVC Windows like wood, in the long run, it costs more money because we need to repaint it and have to protect it from bugs. Wooden window’s weight may make their joints susceptible to failure as the days pass. uPVC beats other window types in the maintenance section.

Versatility and Design

The main reason that windows’ versatility and design aspects are better in uPVC window design over alternative to uPVC Windows is because of how it is manufactured.

In the case of wood, we have to do woodwork constrained by certain limitations in shapes and structures. And aluminium, we can’t bend and weld with freedom. Simta Astrix uPVC comes with 80+ profile moulds that offer various profile structures.

Our imported laminates from Germany give uPVC window colour options and wood finishes. uPVC can easily adapt to any design and merge with all architectural styles.

Key Takeaway

Although there are benefits in choosing an alternative to uPVC Windows, uPVC is still a great option for a number of reasons. For many homes, its energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, affordability, and durability make it an appealing option.

At the end of the day, it all depends on your needs and decisions. But consider all the benefits that uPVC Windows offers. If you have any doubts about uPVC windows, call us!


What are the benefits of uPVC windows with grill design?

uPVC windows with grill not only enhance security but also add a touch of elegance to your home. The grills are durable, low-maintenance, and provide an extra layer of protection.

How do wood uPVC windows compare to traditional wooden windows?

Wood uPVC windows offer the classic charm of wood with the added benefits of uPVC durability. They resist rot and warping and provide excellent insulation.

Can uPVC windows be used in bathrooms?

Yes, uPVC bathroom windows are an excellent choice. They are resistant to moisture, making them ideal for bathroom environments.

What should I consider in uPVC window grill design?

Choose an uPVC window grill design that complements your home’s architecture and provides the desired level of security. Opt for high-quality materials and designs.

How do uPVC windows compare to aluminium windows?

uPVC windows outperform aluminium in terms of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. They provide better insulation, are more budget-friendly and require less maintenance.

Where can I find uPVC windows in Bangalore?

For top-quality uPVC windows in Bangalore, consider reputable suppliers and manufacturers specialising in energy-efficient and durable window solutions.

Are there uPVC doors and windows near me?

Search for local suppliers or manufacturers to find uPVC doors and windows near you. Many businesses offer convenient options and installation services in your area.

What are the available colour options for uPVC windows?

uPVC window colour options are diverse, allowing you to personalise your windows. Choose from various colours, including green uPVC windows, to match your home’s aesthetics and personal style.


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