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uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows: Which are the Best for You?

uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows: Which are the Best for You?

uPVC Windows vs Wooden Windows: The Great Debate If you take a look at the windows market in India, materials such as uPVC, wood and aluminium remain on top of the food chain. It is always a matter of debate about which material to choose. Wood windows vs uPVC or uPVC vs aluminium or wood […]

Upvc vs Aluminum Windows: Which is Best for Your Dream House?

UPVC vs Aluminum Windows

uPVC vs Aluminium Windows Choosing the right windows for your home is more than letting in light and fresh air. It’s about crafting a personalized experience that blends style, functionality and budget. Two materials – uPVC and Aluminium – dominate the battlefield, each championing its strengths and alluring homeowners with diverse advantages. As Simta Astrix […]

UPVC Windows: UPVC vs PVC Difference, Advantages, Cost

UPVC Windows: UPVC vs PVC Difference, Advantages, Cost

uPVC Windows: A Wise Investment for Your Home? Are you building your dream home now? Are you looking to upgrade your windows? Are you searching for knowledge about uPVC windows? Or are you looking to know the advantages of uPVC windows? You came to the right place! This blog by Simta Astrix will answer all […]

Maintenance Tips for UPVC Windows and Doors

Simta Astrix's uPVC Window Maintenance Tips!

uPVC Door & uPVC Window Maintenance The sleek looks, energy efficient properties, low maintenance requirements and durability nature of uPVC windows and doors make them the most sought-after by civil engineers and homeowners. They add to the visual appeal and ambience of your space. But even low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance! To maintain smooth […]

Which uPVC Windows Design Suits Your Home Best?

Which uPVC Window Design Suits Your Home Best?

Choosing Your Ideal uPVC Windows Design We all know what it takes to build a dream home. It’s every man’s milestone in life. With that being said, one must choose every part of the home with love and care. That’s how your dream home is built to your satisfaction. One of the most important aspects […]

Why you Should Prefer Simta upvc Window over Fenesta uPVC Window?

Fenesta uPVC Window

Simta uPVC Window Vs Fenesta uPVC Wind ows One of the big challenges in life is what to choose. We all face this situation daily. Likewise, choosing windows also falls under this category. With options like Simta Astrix uPVC windows and Fenesta uPVC windows on the market, the choices can be overwhelming. Homeowners face challenges […]

Maintenance and care of uPVC arch windows

arch windows

Introduction uPVC arch windows effortlessly merge classic architectural elements with modern innovation, offering a striking visual focal point for your home. These windows showcase the perfect synergy between the arches’ timeless allure and the uPVC material’s exceptional properties. By boasting elegant curves and energy-efficient attributes, uPVC arch windows rise beyond basic utility, embodying a tribute […]

How to choose the right UPVC windows and doors for your home

UPVC windows

Introduction When enhancing your home’s aesthetics, security, and energy efficiency, selecting the right uPVC (unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) windows and doors can make a difference. In today’s rapidly evolving world of construction materials, uPVC door and window systems have emerged as a leading choice, gaining immense popularity due to their durability, low maintenance requirements, and impressive […]

The Beauty and Versatility of Arch: A Timeless Addition to Your Home 

upvc doors manufacturers in Hyderabad

Introduction:  When it comes to architectural design and creating a captivating ambience, the choice of windows plays a significant role. Among the various window styles available, arch windows stand out as a timeless and elegant option that adds a touch of sophistication to any home. In this blog post, we will delve into the beauty […]

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